North Nº6814 Lofoten

The source of inspiration for the North No 6814 series was Lofoten—the most beautiful island kingdom in Norway and perhaps in all of the world.

North Nº6814 Lofoten

Continental bed

North No 6814 is North Beds’ top-of-the-line model offering premium quality and comfort. This series meets the needs of customers who look for quality and comfort, all at a friendly price. North No 6814 comes with several options. The bed comes in four different colours. Choose from two colours of bed legs and three different firmness levels: medium, firm and medium/firm. The bed is available in sizes 150 X 200 cm, 180 X 200 cm, 180 cm X 210 cm and 210 X 210 cm. North No 6814 beds are made with 7 Active Pocket Plus Zones, with a super soft shoulder zone, firm support for the lower back and balanced duo springs in the hip zone. North Beds’ unique zone system follows the shape of your body to give you optimal comfort that is suited to your sleep position. The North No 6814 series consists of a continental bed and a headboard in matching colours.

North Nº6814 Continental is available in the following sizes:

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